An understatement would be to say that Wednesday is a huge hit with viewers everywhere. With 341 million hours of views in its first week alone, it is evident that fans are connecting with this latest entry in The Addams Family franchise on a much deeper level than just for sarcastic fun.

This raises the question of what the new show is doing differently to do as well as it does. There are a few more positive aspects of the new teen drama Wednesday, besides the way it expertly adapts the eponymous heroine for a new generation while staying true to the original.

Wednesday Maintains The Sarcastic Characteristics Of Titular Heroin

The Netflix series’ realistic portrayal of the titular character is one feature that is unquestionably working in its favor. Although Wednesday Addams isn’t always portrayed as a misanthrope (Lisa Loring’s Wednesday is a notable exception), Christiania Ricci’s iconic portrayal of the character from the 1990s movie is the version of the character people identify as the true Wednesday.

Jenna Ortega Gives A Perfect Portrait Of Wednesday

It should go without saying that the success of the Netflix series depended heavily on choosing the appropriate actor to play Wednesday Addams. Luckily, Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, successfully recreates Ricci’s classic characterization. Thanks to Wednesday showrunners Miles Millar and Alfred Gough.

Not only is Ortega’s Wednesday (with the same deadpan delivery as Ricci’s) as savagely rebellious and astute, but Ortega even pays homage to their previous precursor, Lisa Loring, in a new classic dance number.

Having A Diverse Cast

The Netflix Wednesday series’ more diverse cast is another element that is helping it succeed. This distinguishes the program from earlier Addams Family versions, which primarily featured white actors in the lead roles. In addition to casting Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Latino actors have also been used to play the majority of the Addams family members.

Wednesday Addams & Enid Sinclair Have A Well-Written Friendship

The show’s well-written friendship between Wednesday Addams and her werewolf roommate Enid Sinclair, portrayed by Emma Myers, is another element that has resonated powerfully with viewers.

A Gothic-Inspired Wednesday From Tim Burton & Denny Elfman

Although Wednesday’s success has been heavily reliant on outstanding casting and clever character development, none of this would have been possible without the meticulous execution of director Tim Burton and his longtime musical collaborator Danny Elfman. Burton’s gothic sensibility made him the ideal choice to helm the teen drama given Wednesday’s penchant for the macabre.

By James Morison

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