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Why Is One Big Bang Theory Star Against Revival?



Melissa Rauch, former star of The Big Bang Theory, reveals why she is opposed to the show’s revival. The actor became a regular on the nerdy program in season 4 and continued till it ended in 2019. She now stars in NBC’s new Night Court, which provides her a taste of what it takes to bring back a popular show.

Rauch tells Looper why she is opposed to a resurrection of The Big Bang Theory, despite having firsthand knowledge that such treatments may work given the early success of Night Court.

Why Is the Big Bang Theory Finale So Popular?

The cancellation of The Big Bang Theory was unexpected, given how popular the show was at the time. However, it came down to Jim Parsons’ choice to leave the show, and others were concerned that continuing without Sheldon would be tough. The last season of The Big Bang Theory has inconsistent narrative. It focused far too heavily on Sheldon and Amy’s Nobel Prize pursuit while ignoring the rest of the ensemble.

CBS, on the other hand, was able to offer an emotionally gratifying The Big Bang Theory conclusion. Sheldon fulfilled a lifetime ambition, while Penny and Leonard announced they were expecting their first child. Despite all of these changes, it wasn’t the end of an era: the Pasadena group just reverted to their old habits, eating the same manner in Apartment 4A, giving a sense that the relationship will continue to grow.

Young Sheldon’s touching homage to The Big Bang Theory, in which the kid genius realizes he has no pals, added to the nostalgia. The prequel then showed all of the youthful versions of the Pasadena group spread over the world, oblivious to the fact that they will all be together in a few decades. It was an excellent way to pay tribute to the nerd-centric show. It’s no surprise that Rauch is opposed to a rebirth.

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