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The Witcher season 3 will be “the most spectacular” for Henry Cavill.



Geralt of Rivia’s exploits will soon come to an end, so it’s only fair that he receives a hero’s goodbye in the third season of Netflix’s The Witcher. As the show’s release date in Summer 2023 approaches, showrunner and series creator Lauren Hissrich has stepped in to ensure fans that season three would provide “the most heroic sendoff” for the adored actress.

“Henry Cavill has done so much to the show, and we want to recognise it right,” Lauren told EW. “What is so amazing is that season three, to me, is the closest thing that we’ve done as a one-to-one adaptation of the novels.

“Obviously, we can’t recreate every page, but Time of Contempt provided us with so many significant action sequences, story elements, defining character moments, and massive disclosures of a large evil. We were able to stay so strictly to the books because there was so much to do.”

Time of Contempt is the second novel in Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher trilogy, which was partially adapted for the third season’s plot. It starts up after the events of the previous novel, Blood of Elves, and delves into politics and inter-racial conflict.

“Geralt’s dramatic pivot is about giving up neutrality and doing whatever it takes to get to Ciri,” the writer-producer continued. And, even if it wasn’t written that way, it’s the most heroic sendoff we could have.

“When we return to Geralt in season four, he has a new objective in mind. He’s not quite the Geralt we were expecting. That, by the way, is an understatement.”

In late October, Henry announced his resignation from the Netflix series “The Witcher “, which coincided with the revelation that he will resume his role as Superman in future DC Universe (DCU) films.

The actor’s elation was short-lived, however, when he met with new DC Studios executives James Gunn and Peter Safran and learned that he will not be returning as the Last Son of Krypton. Instead, a youthful Superman film was revealed to be in the works as part of the pair’s 10-year master plan.

This roller-coaster chain of events will have no bearing on the streamer’s recasting plans for The Witcher season four, handing Henry a double whammy. There are no definite intentions to cast him in any future roles, either on screen or behind the scenes, with Lauren noting, “We haven’t even thought about that at this moment.”

Fortunately, the stars have aligned for the actor, who is already planning his next project: a Warhammer 40K series adaption for Amazon.

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