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The Star of The Last of Us Wants An Origin Story Spinoff For Their Dead Character



One The Last of Us celebrity has stated that they would be available for an origin tale spinoff based on their deceased character. HBO’s post-apocalyptic zombie thriller primed its viewers for the concept that they shouldn’t become too attached to any of its characters, good or evil, from the very first horrific episode. The Last of Us season 1 delivered on its early promises of continual stunning death, forcing fans to see the horrible deaths of heroes like Tess, villains like David, and one-episode side characters like the adored Bill and Frank.

Although it is doubtful that The Last of Us season 2 would bring back any of the dead, at least one actor whose character died in season 1 has stated that they would be interested in a return that examines that character’s beginnings. Melanie Lynskey, who plays Katheen, told Variety that she is eager to dive further into her contentious character in exchange for a return.

Even though she divided audiences, Kathleen was a fascinating character.

Lynskey’s Kathleen, first seen in The Last of Us season 1 episode 4, was the commander of a rebel force that had succeeded in liberating Kansas City of the despotic FEDRA. However, it rapidly became evident that Kathleen and her followers had won their triumph over FEDRA via harsh tactics, with Kathleen herself serving as the iron-willed leader, and having become extremist and tyrannical.

Any character as tough as Kathleen is sure to split spectators, but Lynskey’s portrayal drew special ire from viewers, thanks in part to the performer herself. Unfortunately, some of the anger directed at Lynskey’s performance stemmed from plain sexism on the part of a specific element of the viewing population, as the actor was subjected to body shaming. Lynskey later responded to complaints about her appearance on Twitter, where she dealt with her detractors.

Kathleen’s fate at the hands of a ravenous kid clicker gave the image of a lady who overcome a lot of anxiety and, in the course of steeling herself against a scary world, grew oblivious to the ramifications of what she was doing. Kathleen was also deeply driven by the loss of her brother, who was shown to be a key influence in her youth and whose torture and murder at the hands of FEDRA left Kathleen deeply damaged and thirsting for vengeance. Far from being put off by the criticism of her character, Lynskey appears to be eager in delving more into Kathleen and her complicated motivations, as well as getting to the bottom of how such an ordinary lady ended up where she was in The Last of Us season 1.

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