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‘House of the Dragon’ finale predictions: two sad occurrences



Massive spoilers for “Fire and Blood,” the book from which “House of the Dragon” is adapted, follow. We’re here to make two spoiler-filled predictions for “House of the Dragon’s” season finale. The episode will follow Rhaenyra and her family attempting to reclaim their right to the Iron Throne.

As we’ve discussed in our numerous in-depth looks at HBO’s “House of the Dragon” series over the previous two months, the adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s fictitious history book “Fire and Blood” has included some unexpected turns. As we get closer to the finale, we’re here to predict two more significant events from Martin’s novel that will likely bring the TV show’s first season to an emotional close.

Before we get into the specifics, one more word of caution for those who haven’t read “Fire and Blood.”

According to Martin’s fictitious history, massive spoilers and massive plot holes about what happens to Rhaenyra and her offspring are predicated on Martin’s fictional history.

Lucerys (“Luke”) will perish in a Dragon flight with Aemond.

In “Fire and Blood,” Aemond (the younger son of Alicent and Viserys) travels to Storm’s End to persuade Lord Baratheon to bow to King Aegon II. But Luke is also dispatched to represent his mother, Rhaenyra, whom they believe is the true Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

In the episode ten trailer, it appears that Luke is fleeing toward his dragon, Arrax, in a storm. Then we see Vhagar, Aemond’s monstrous dragon, rear her head.

It appears to be configuring the lethal duel between Luke and Aemond in the sky.

The book states, “Then the two creatures were bound together, lightning crackling about them.” “Vhagar was five times her opponent’s size, a battle-hardened veteran of a hundred wars. A fight could not have lasted long.”

Based on one of the book’s imaginary histories, Luke “survived his fall, swam to safety, but had lost all knowledge of who he was.” It’s possible that “House of the Dragon” takes this path and amazes readers in the same way as Laenor’s misleading death did, but the most likely outcome appears to be that he dies.

According to the book, “the prince was thirteen years old.” “His body was never discovered. The fight of ravens, envoys, and marriage pacts ended with his death, and the war of fire and blood began in earnest.”

Rhaenyra will give birth to a stillborn child for the first time, repeating Daenerys Targaryen’s fate.

The description of King Aegon II’s coronation ceremony in “Fire and Blood” is immediately followed by an account of what Rhaenyra was doing in Dragonstone while all of this was happening.

“There weren’t any cheers heard on Dragonstone. Instead, screams resonated through the halls and stairwells of Sea Dragon Tower, down from the queen’s chambers, where Rhaenyra Targaryen strained and shook in her third day of labor ” According to the book.

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