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Halloween costumes inspired by Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix, banned



It comes following a significant spike in interest in the cannibal serial killer brought on by the popular Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix series that began 31 years after his arrest. It comes following a significant spike in interest in the cannibal serial killer brought on by the popular Netflix series that began 31 years after his arrest.

According to a spokesman for eBay, the firm has regulations that forbid listings that celebrate hate, violence, and illegal activity.

There is no room for “things closely associated with or that profit violent felon, their activities, or crime sites within the past 100 years,” according to their official policy, which is stated on their website.

Evan Peters gives a strong and unsettling performance in “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix Story,” but as soon as the series became well-liked, various items, including distinctive glasses, blonde wigs, and a shirt resembling one worn by Peters on the show, started turning up for sale on the website.

Shirley Hughes, the mother of deaf and mute victim Tony, said it was upsetting to see Netflix and internet retailers make money off of their loved ones’ deaths.

Ms. Hughes begged people not to dress like her son’s killer for Halloween after her son was lured into Dahmer’s apartment and killed there.

According to Hughes, the outfits were “evil” and “traumatizing” for the relatives of the victims. She asserted: “If the show hadn’t been streamed by Netflix… No family would experience a second victimization. And this year’s Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix costumes would be a thing of the past.”

The relative of one of Dahmer’s victims, Errol Lindsey, Eric Perry, tweeted his opposition to the Netflix series.

He also mentioned: “True crime media is generally acknowledged to exist. But if you’re really interested in learning about the victims, my family is furious over the program. Over and over again, it traumatizes, but why? How many films, TV shows, or documentaries do we require?”

Rita Isbell, Errol’s sister, called the show “harsh and reckless” and claimed that Netflix was “making money from of tragedy” in an interview.

Jeffrey Dahmer Netflix, also known as the “Milwaukee cannibal,” was given a life sentence in jail in 1992 and beaten to death two years later by a fellow prisoner.

Most of his victims were lured into his flat by him in homosexual clubs after he had drugged and killed them, mutilated their bodies, and preserved many of their body parts.

Serial killers with a history of violence have frequently been impersonated for Halloween in the past; examples include Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

A nightclub named Crisis in Nottingham was forced to issue an apology last week after using serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and Rose West to promote a Halloween event.

According to Dr. Robi Ludwig, a psychotherapist, true-crime stories appeal to society’s fundamental interest with “extremes,” as she discussed in an interview with a leading news channel.

“Watching a genuine story from the comfort of our own homes while getting a peek into the inner workings of these criminals is extremely interesting. They are therefore like us but not like us.

“As people who are functioning well in society, we have empathy. We can think about other people from their perspective. And when we examine some of these criminals, what’s intriguing is how like they are to us in some respects while still being extremely different from us in others.

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