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Musk discusses mission and the accuracy of content on Twitter.



Elon Musk, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter Inc., stated on Sunday that the social media platform’s goal was to become the most accurate information source about the world, which sparked discussion over how it would accomplish this goal and who gets to decide what is correct.

A flurry of radical actions done by Musk since he acquired Twitter in a $44 billion purchase just about a week ago, including firing half the staff and charging users. This has given some early hints as to how the network may be changed by the richest person in the world.

Since the deal’s announcement, several advertisers have reduced their expenditures. Musk accuses activist groups of putting pressure on advertisers over worries about the deal’s content moderation.

“Twitter needs to overtake other sources of information as the world’s most reliable. That is our goal”, On Sunday, Musk stated.

The tweet rapidly attracted tens of thousands of reactions and provoked spirited debates on how the objective will be achieved.

Former Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey questioned, “Accurate to who?”

Musk, also owns the rocket company SpaceX and the electric car company Tesla (TSLA.O).

He announced last month that Twitter will be creating a content moderation panel with “widely diverse opinions.”

Before that council meets, no significant content decisions or account reinstatements will be made.

Musk added on Sunday that accounts that utilize impersonation on Twitter without explicitly designating it as “parody” will be immediately and permanently suspended.

Musk stated that this will be made clear as a requirement for joining Twitter Blue. He also stated that any name change would result in a temporary loss of the verified checkmark.

To boost revenue, Twitter upgraded its app in the Apple App Store on Saturday.

They will now start charging $8 for coveted blue check verification marks.

According to Twitter, advantages of the verification service include “half the advertisements,” the capacity to submit lengthier videos to Twitter, and priority ranking for high-quality material.

However, the New York Times had claimed that Twitter would wait until after Tuesday’s midterm elections. Then, they will begin rolling out verification checkmarks to users of its new service.

Twitter is already contacting the dozens of staff who lost their jobs.  Musk is urging them to come back, Bloomberg News said on Sunday, in a sign of further disarray following Musk’s takeover.

Some of the people who have been asked to return were unintentionally fired.

According to the story, which cited persons with direct knowledge of the actions.

Few people who were fired, later learned that their labour and skills could be required to develop the new features Musk envisioned.

When the media contacted Twitter for comment on the rehiring attempts, they did not answer right away. Musk has promised to make Twitter an authentic and reliable platform. He claims, that shortly his new policies will assure the authenticity of content and verified user accounts.

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