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Fifa World Cup 2022 and Virgil Van Dijk responds to controversy



Virgil, captain of the Netherlands, has responded to accusations that European teams at the FIFA world cup 2022 lacked “backbone” by refusing to wear the OneLove armband. Seven countries’ captains, including England and Wales, intended to wear the armband during tournaments to encourage equality and diversity. However, the intentions were postponed due to Fifa’s threat of booking players. Instead, the captains are sporting Fifa-approved ‘No Discrimination’ armbands.

“I perform in a situation where a yellow card serves no purpose.” “I became a football player, and I want to compete in these competitions,” Van Dijk told Dutch television NOS.

“There are some who claim we don’t have a backbone, but that isn’t how it works,” the Liverpool center-back remarked following the Netherlands’ 2-0 win against Senegal on Monday.

“All we want to do is play football. I would have liked to have played with that band, but not at the price of getting a yellow card.”

Before Euro 2020, the Netherlands launched the OneLove initiative to encourage inclusion and diversity and to send a statement against prejudice.

In Qatar, bisexual partnerships and the advertising of bisexual relationships are illegal. The seven European nations said during a statement on Monday that they were ready to pay penalties for their leaders wearing the armband but could not risk having their players arrested. After England’s 6-2 victory over Iran, captain Harry Kane expressed “disappointment” after being denied the armband, while teammate Jack Grealish called the decision “dumb Belgium defender Jan Vertonghen stated on Tuesday that he does not feel comfortable discussing the matter for fear of repercussions.

“If you make an impression by wearing the armband, you are torturing yourself,” Vertonghen said.

“I don’t feel at ease, and that tells you everything. Our team has been put on the spot, and I’m concerned that if I say anything about it, I won’t be allowed to play [on Wednesday], something which I’ve never, ever had to deal with in football and hope I never, ever have to deal with again because that’s not acceptable.”

Countries subjected to ‘severe extortion’

According to Simon, the 7 nations were also subjected to “severe blackmail,” leading them to abandon plans for a OneLove armband.

“The tournament director went to the English squad and talked about many rule infractions and promised severe sports fines without clarifying what these would be,”

The other six teams, according to Simon, then opted to “show sympathy” with England.

“All were in an extraordinary circumstance, terrible coercion, and we believed we had no choice.” Later adding, “I can understand your displeasure.” All of us faced the alternative of the plague or cholera.”

“We had been in an extraordinary circumstance, terrible coercion, and we believed we had no choice.”

He explained, later adding, “I can understand your displeasure.” Each one faced the alternative of the plague or cholera.”

To disassociate itself from Fifa, the German supermarket chain Rewe has terminated its marketing contract with the DFB.

In October, Rewe informed the DFB it would be leaving the association due to Fifa’s “inappropriate and immoral behaviour.”

“Rewe Group advocates for difference and football is one form of difference”. CEO Lionel Souque said.

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