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ICC alters the playing conditions for England vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup.



ICC has opted to extend the playing time on the reserve day from two hours to fours. This is in light of the forecast for rain during the England vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup final.

The England vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup final was in danger of being delayed due to the forecast of rain in Melbourne on Sunday and Monday.

As an outcome, the International Cricket Council (ICC) proceeded quickly. On Sunday, the final is scheduled to occur at Melbourne Cricket Ground, however, there is an 80% probability of rain.

Although it has decreased from the 95% projection made on Friday. It is still too high to anticipate a full 20 overs of cricket. There is a backup day for the final on Monday. But the worst part is that thundershowers are expected even then.

The ICC has agreed to extend the playing time on the reserve day from two hours to four.

In case more time is needed to finish the game and determine a winner, the Event Technical Committee (ETC) expanded the availability of additional playing time on the reserve day from the original provision of two hours to four hours (clause 13.7.3 of the Playing Conditions).

The match can begin at 9:30 IST on the reserve day if necessary to finish the final. The additional time has been added. ICC knockouts require a minimum of 10 overs for each side rather than the customary five to be deemed complete.

Notably, the reserve day will only be applied if Sunday cannot yield the required number of overs. Even if it takes playing a 10-overs-a-side battle, the match officials will do all in their power to secure a result on Sunday. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the game will resume on Monday where it left off on Sunday.

Every effort will be made to finish the match on the allocated match day. It is hopeful for any necessary overs reduction to take place. Keep in mind that a game in the knockout stage consists of 10 overs for each side.

The match will only move to the reserve day if the minimum amount of overs required to make up a match cannot be bowled on Sunday.

The scheduled match day’s play will continue on the reserve day starting at 1500h (9:30 AM IST), according to the International Cricket Council.

Pakistan gained victory in the recent World Cup final match between the two teams. England is hoping to wreak revenge and take the title this time.

The leadership of Imran Khan helped Pakistan win the World championship in 1992.

T20 World Cup 2022 final between Pakistan and England, is the focus of the Pakistani nation which is cheering for the Men in Green to win.

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