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Gavi, the Spanish player is predicted to be a future star of FIFA



Being the youngest World Cup scorer since Pele in Spain’s 7-0 hammering of Costa Rica on Wednesday. The teen prodigy Gavi is poised for global stardom, according to his coach Luis Enrique.

Gavi, after becoming the youngest World Cup scorer since Pele in Spain’s 7-0 thumping of Costa Rica on Wednesday. He is destined for international greatness, according to his coach Luis Enrique. With his first-time finish on Alvaro Morata’s cross, which crashed in off the inside of the post and gave Spain its fifth goal. Gavi became the third-youngest player in tournament history at the age of 18 years and 110 days. It’s beyond anything I could have ever dreamed, remarked Gavi. “I’m thrilled to be doing this,”

The goal concluded a spectacular performance from the young Barcelona player. As a result, it combined beautifully in midfield with 19-year-old Pedri, a fellow Camp Nou resident.

Coach Luis Enrique is confident that he has a player on his hands who will one day rank among the finest in the world.

He’s a special athlete, a very distinctive player, he remarked. Above all, he stated “even though he’s just 18 years old, he has the personality of a seasoned player.”

We are pleased to have him on the club and believe he will become one of the top players in international football.

Gavi was chosen from a group of exceptionally talented young players that helped Spain put on a fantastic display. In the match, they controlled more than 80% of the ball and did not concede a single corner or shot on goal.

He had a strong connection with Pedri, who passed to Dani Olmo for the game’s first goal.

“I’m overjoyed to have won it and honoured to be named MVP. Well done to everyone, we played a terrific game “Gavi stated.

“Pedri and I are extremely close friends off the field, and it’s simple to play with him since he’s a fantastic player,” the player said.

The young players’ performance has added a lot more expectation from the Spanish football team. Therefore, has hyped its Digital Entertainment fans for their upcoming matches.

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