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Jungkook of BTS says he feels like a “rock”



Jungkook, a member of BTS and a musician, recently appeared live on Weverse, where he revealed details about his upcoming solo album. In an interview with ARMY, the singer confessed that he is enjoying his sabbatical and that he hasn’t worked on his record in a long time.

“Have I prepared for my album?” remarked Jungkook, who poured himself a drink while mingling with his fans. No, I haven’t started working on my record yet. Everyone of you must be quite excited. I’ve put an end to everything (in preparation for the record), and I suppose it’s become a habit. I haven’t been doing anything, and I enjoy it that way.”

During the live conversation, the 25-year-old pop singer sang a few songs but declined to perform RM’s “Sexy Nukim,” saying, “His English is too excellent, so won’t attempt.” He answered to Jin’s queries by saying that he was doing fine. “I believe Jin hyung is doing well. He sends messages in the group chat on occasion.”

Jungkook also responded to a fan proposal by saying, “Marry me? But can you deal with me? “I’m not an easy person to deal with.”

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