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10 facts about BTS’ Jungkook



BTS’ Jungkook has divulged many details about his life to ARMY over the years, but can you remember them? Discover some fascinating facts about the group’s golden maknae.

Jungkook, BTS’ golden maknae, has been candid about various aspects of his life. People are drawn to him because of his relatability and honesty, and we can see why. Jungkook has spilled a lot of beans over the years, from lovingly disclosing that his mum asked his dad out because he was pretty ‘good looking’ to his penchant for collecting Bluetooth speakers.

While seasoned ARMY veterans are likely to know a lot about the group’s sassy all-rounder, here are some things that may have passed your memory.

He joined Big Hit just because of RM.

Jungkook participated in Superstar K3 in 2011 and received calls from seven agencies larger than Big Hit at the time. He said on Mnet’s New Yang Nam Show that he selected Big Hit only because “Rap Monster was so amazing.”

Jungkook began high school late.

By a year! This was due to his early debut and hectic workload. He graduated in 2017 as well, at the age of 21.

He travelled to the United States to train and almost became a dancer.

Jungkook travelled to the United States to train and returned to Korea debating whether he should pursue a career as a dancer. Jimin was the one who persuaded him to stay with BTS.

His stage name was almost ready to be “Seagull.”

Before their debut, Jungkook considered many stage names, including Seagull. It is a symbol of his hometown of Busan.

His tattoo reads, “Rather be dead than cool.”

The maknae has the words to Nirvana’s 1991 song Stay Away tattooed on his arm. The words are quite close to his life philosophy, since they speak to someone who would rather be themselves and not worry what others say.

Before he was born, his mother had a gold-colored dream.

Jungkook disclosed his mother’s wish in an interview with Focus News. “Rain began to fall in a community, but the locations struck by the droplets changed into gold,” he explained. We now see why he became BTS’s adored “Golden” maknae!

He is the youngest recipient of the “Order of Cultural Merit.”

BTS received this prestigious award for their contributions to the evolution of K-Pop in 2018, when Jungkook was only 22 years old.

He has made a number of travel videos available online

Jungkook, being the avid photographer and video editor that he is, has actually produced a series of vacation movies that he recorded himself, dubbed GCF or the Golden Closet Films.

Iron Man is his favourite Avenger.

Jungkook enjoys both comic novels and video games. He has previously stated that Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, is his favourite avenger of all time.

Microwaves are Jungkook’s worst dread.

The golden maknae is terrified of microwaves because he believes they will explode at any moment.

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