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Why Wakanda Is at War With Talokan in Black Panther 2?



Black Panther 2 will see war break out between Wakanda and Talokan, but why did the MCU’s most powerful countries become adversaries?

Several Black Panther: Wakanda Forever previews confirm that Wakanda and Talokan will be at war in the upcoming MCU movie in Digital Entertainment.

The specific reason for the conflict in Black Panther 2 is still unknown.

While there are still many unanswered questions, the footage utilised in several Black Panther 2 trailers offers interesting insights.

They might shed light on the causes of the tensions that led to the Wakanda Forever war.

The MCU’s Namor, who is frequently portrayed as an anti-hero as the King of Atlantis. Namor commands Talokan and is probably going to be more mistaken in his fight with Wakanda.

The conflict in Wakanda Forever will likely resemble the Marvel movies such as Captain America: Civil War, where the Avengers were forced into fighting each other.

This could be because Wakanda is unfairly blamed a third party is working behind the scenes against both countries. Here is a summary of what the Black Panther 2 Wakanda-Talokan War trailers reveal.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever Teases the Cause Of War in the Trailers

Namor first appears in the MCU in one of the trailers’ frequent depictions of T’Challa’s funeral sequences. The half-human, half-Talokan fighter is seen leading many blue-skinned Talokanils into combat on what appears to be the shores of Wakanda while donning a variation of his comic book outfit that takes inspiration from the Aztec culture.

Namor has made it obvious that he intends to destroy Wakanda once and for all by riding whales and flooding the throne room.

The Dora Milaje of Wakanda spring to fight many Talokan warriors who are infiltrating the African nation. It is one of the most dramatic scenes of the Wakanda Forever conflict depicted in the trailers.

In either case, this facility is perceived as a trespass into Namor’s domain.Particularly if something tragic transpires and the establishment appears to be attacked by unidentified forces.

Who is the Secret Villain in Black Panther 2?

K’uk’ulkan, the feather serpent god known as Namor, has only been given one name and is fraught with profound fear.

Although it is presently unknown who the soldiers in the trailers are, their attack appears to be on purpose as they are seen forcing Wakandans to unlock a technological object.

If Namor and his submarine nation are threatened, Talokan might will needto take action.

Therefore, when an event happens, Wakanda may easily be held responsible.

It may be the clear goal of a yet-to-be-discovered villain: is to incite conflict and sour ties amongst the most powerful countries in the world. This will be through a Talokan vs. Wakanda conflict.

Attuma, a resurrected version of the original Namor villain, will be been revealed for Wakanda Forever and is probably the one influencing things behind the scenes.

Given that Attuma desires the Talokan throne for himself and Namor secretly aspires to succeed him, Attuma may be seen as Namor’s ally.

Then he possibly dies in a conflict with soldiers. But these soldiers storming the base are people.

As a result, it’s possible that a competitor country, like Latveria, is responsible for the assault on Doctor Doom’s orders.

This would give the Fantastic Four villain and ruler of the European country a thrilling MCU premiere. Similarly, Attuma and Doctor Doom have already teamed together in comic books.

By cooperating, they might simultaneously try to eradicate Wakanda and Namor (who act differently from his people).

The battle in Wakanda Forever is likely be brought about by a pernicious third party or hidden villain.  Albeit everything is simply speculation and hypothesis at this point.


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