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It takes guts and grit to perform in the spotlight and create beauty through art in every way, and  Margot Robbie is one of those finest actresses in Hollywood whose passion for acting shines through their work. It seems like Aussie spunk; Margot was born to be in the limelight as her sapphire eyes and strong jawline make her beauty exceptional, and her charming model looks add to her appeal, which makes heads turn everywhere she goes.

Apart from her symmetrical features, Margot always does fair with beauty stakes and manages to stun the carpet with her incredible and classic style.

Though Margot debuted in 2008 with Vigilante, through her talent and looks, she gained a meteoric rise in Hollywood in a very short span of her career. This Australian-born actress received widespread international acclamation and media attention for her role in The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013 and for her depiction of figure skater Tonya in 2017’s biopic I, Tonya.

Now, Margot is among the major superstars of Hollywood as she has several nominations and won a number of honors, including the ACCA TA International Awards twice, EDA Special Award, Critics Choice Award twice, CCA Super Award, Dias de Cine Award, Woman of the Year Award, Empire Award, and so on. Her big achievements earned her a great name and fame in the industry and made her one of the hyped stars of Hollywood.

The successful superstar tried her hand in production after being noticed for her acting skills. It’s quite difficult to pick her 10 best movies as she has been a part of numerous iconic flicks. So here you can find some of the masterpieces in which she gave jaw-dropping performances.

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10. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)

  • IMDb Rating 6.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 68%

Kim Barker’s story got a Hollywood sensationalizing in an American biopic Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, which is a perfect balance of tragedy, war, and comedy directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. The story plot is based on the real-life events of an American journalist Kim Barker, and it recounts her wartime coverage in Afghanistan.

Kim (Tina Fey), a news copywriter at a TV news network in New York, takes on a challenge to navigate to Kabul, Afghanistan, all the way from the USA as a foreign correspondent in the mid to late 2000s. As she gets there, she soon realizes how ill-prepared she is to survive in a war-torn country like Afghanistan as the only female Western correspondent. Then Kim meets Tanya Vanderpoel (Margot Robbie), a BBC News TV journalist, who assists her and whom Kim admires and befriends with.

Over time, she not only adapts to the entirely different environment but also flourishes as a professional and dedicated journalist, as she was supposed to spend 3 months but ended up staying for years.

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9. Bombshell (2019)

  • IMDb Rating 6.8/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 68%

Jay Roach’s drama film Bombshell is a truth-based story of three sharp-witted, strong and aspiring women, Megyn Kelly (Charlize Theron), Kayla Pospisil (Margot Robbie) and Gretchen Carlson (Nicole Kidman), who work as anchor-persons at Fox News. The ladies team up to put forth their allegations of sexual harassment and expose the president of the TV network Roger Ailes, who is also a plutocrat.

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8. About Time (2013)

  • IMDb Rating 7.8/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 70%

Rom-Com movies have always been crowd-pleasers as people crave meet-cutes, fantasy, and happy endings with bits of refreshing humor. A British American sweet comic romance film with a time-traveling twist, About Time is written and directed by Richard Curtis. It tells a tale about a young man Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson), whose father tells him an amazing secret on New Year’s Eve that the men in their family can travel through time. As it’s Tim’s big life goal ever to improve his love life and make his world better, he decides to go back in time and find love.

Tim fixes and improves his typical relationship moments with Mary through his time travel twiddling, and eventually, he realizes that it’s not as easy as one might think.

However, Robbie doesn’t play a title role, but she is effective in her appearance as Charlotte, the summertime affection of Tim.

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7. Suite Francaise (2014)

  • IMDb Rating 7.0/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 76%

The UK released Suite Francaise, a fascinating historical drama film based on the novel by Irene Nemirovsky that narrates the events during World War II. The story has many interesting subplots, but it mainly concerns an unusual, compelling love story during the Niazi’s take over to France. The story revolves around a French woman Lucille Angellier (Michelle Williams), whose husband is away at war, and she lives with her mother-in-law (Kristin Scott Thomas), a control freak.

Lucille falls for Bruno (Matthias Schoenaerts), a charming and kind German soldier, unlike other officers. He moves into Lucille’s house like other Niazis; meanwhile, Lucille develops strong feelings for him when she discovers a mutual interest that he can also compose music like her, but the breakout of war blows fatal to them.

Margot portrays a supporting role as a farmgirl Celine Joseph, one of Lucille’s tenants.

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6. Z For Zachariah (2015)

  • IMDb Rating 6.0/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 78%

Z for Zacharia is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi film directed by Craig Zobel based on Robert C. O’Brien’s novel. It narrates the story of a teenage girl Ann (Robbie), who assumes herself the only survivor after the nuclear war and lives in isolation on the inherited land given by her church-building saint of a father. Ann meets the title character Zacharia (Eijofor), staggering into the woods and struggling with the failure of his hazmat suit. Ann keeps him at her place and nurses him until he recovers. Zacharia and Ann develop a bond, but this bond soon turns into a love triangle with ridiculously good-looking Caleb’s (Pine) entrance to the picture. After losing everything, Zachariah finds himself again in a situation where he has to fight with the white man, who is even younger and more charming than him, for the only available woman.

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5. Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) (2020)

  • IMDb Rating 6.0/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 78%

Cathy Yan’s American superhero flick based on DC comics Birds of Prey features the devil doll superheroine, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie). Quinn is already a lunatic, but after her extreme breakup with Joker, who was once her patient, she becomes even more lonely. Shortly after her break up, vengeful Harley Quinn, Huntress, Renee Montoya, and Black Canary club together to vanquish the evil and save a young girl from a crime lord Roman and his fervent supporter Zsasz.

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4. The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013)

  • IMDb Rating 8.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 80%

The Wolf of Wall Street is an American biopic crime fiction with a touch of dark comedy directed by Martin Scorsese. The story centers around Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), who establishes a brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont with his partner Donny Azoff (Jonah Hill) in the early 90s. With the fast-paced growth, the firm has expanded its staff from 20 to more than 250.

Their rapidly booming business strengthens the company’s public image, and they manage to build a good repo on Wall Street. On the other hand, their corruption increases and invites the attention of the Federal Government.

However, Robbie represents Belfort’s second wife, Naomi Lapaglia, which is also considered one of her breakthrough roles.

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3. Once Upon A Time ……. In Hollywood (2019)

  • IMDb Rating 7.6/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 85%

From drama to comedy, Quentin’s Once Upon a Time…. in Hollywood have it all. The twisted tale follows a lost star of the 60s, Rick (Leonardo DiCaprio), his long-time stuntman and best buddy Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). Rick is the next-door neighbor of filmmaker and rising star of Hollywood Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). He often binges on alcohol and hangs around his friend Cliff. The duo strives hard to revive fame and recognition in showbiz.

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2. The Suicide Squad (2021)

  • IMDb Rating 7.2/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 90%

The action-packed sci-fi Suicide Squad features a variety of DC supervillains. Harley Quinn (Robbie), Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, King Shark, Peacemaker, Polka Dot man, and Ratcather 2 join forces to set about for their enigmatic mission to find the demonic scientist Dr. Moone who is controlled by an evil spirit Enchantress, and he is in charge of a secretive project of Starfish.

The notorious suicide squad is sent to the enemy’s territory Island of Corto Maltese, to stop the imminent peril and rescue the endangered humankind. On the other hand, Joker is busy setting an agenda of his own.

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1. I, Tonya (2017)

  • IMDb Rating 7.5/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes Rating 90%

I, Tonya is a biographical feature that narrates a story of a famous Ice Skater, Tonya Hardens (Margot Robbie), who gains high fame despite her personal life challenges. Her world turns upside down when her ex-husband crosses her path again and intervenes in her career. He conspires to disable her competitor, fellow Olympic hopeful Nancy Kerrigan. The ill-conspired plan results in Tonya’s withdrawal from the national championship, and her future puts into doubt forever as she affiliates with an ill-famed scandal in the history of sports.


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