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Merchandise from The Flash Movie Teases Keaton’s Batman



As the new year approaches, new The Flash movie merchandise has been released, promising Michael Keaton’s return as Batman and the inclusion of Supergirl. After years of development hell, Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen resumes his narrative in the DC Universe in The Flash (formerly known as the DCEU.)

While The Flash was supposed to premiere last month, Warner Bros. Discovery put it back until summer 2023, owing in part to unfinished post-production work. Nonetheless, The Flash will be a pivotal chapter in the DC Universe when it enters the universe. While no new trailers have been published since DC FanDome 2021, Warner Bros. has begun to roll out new marketing for The Flash film.

New photographs of The Flash merchandise, which was shown during this year’s CCXP event, have surfaced online thanks to Twitter users Ground Breaker and Nicholas Levi. Even while no new footage was presented during the convention, new DCU merchandise depicting Miller’s Scarlet Speedster, Keaton’s Batman, and Sasha Calle’s Supergirl was sighted.

Even though the characters are only displayed in shadows, the wording on The Flash movie T-shirt reveals some fascinating insights about the DC Universe film and its cast. For starters, it re-establishes Miller’s role as more than one incarnation of the DC hero.

The line “two foolish kids” refers to the two Barry doppelgangers, since it was revealed in the initial teaser trailer that the film will include two versions of The Flash. It’s puzzling why Barry is being called an “idiot,” given that the fastest man alive is widely regarded as one of the sharpest characters in the whole DC universe. This might be a reference to The Flash movie, which highlights Barry’s effort to travel back in time. The revelation regarding Keaton’s Batman and Calle’s Supergirl is the most important lesson from The Flash’s new merchandise.

While it was previously confirmed that Keaton would reprise his role as the Dark Knight, the fact that he is a “retired vigilante” implies that the film will force him to put on the Batsuit again. It’s unclear how long this version of Bruce Wayne has been retired as Batman, but The Flash film will most certainly reveal what he’s been up to since the conclusion of Batman Returns. Another plot twist revealed by this is that Supergirl is a “half-charged solar-powered extraterrestrial.”

While The Flash will not be a direct Flashpoint adaptation, it draws elements from the alternate Superman who was kept by the government.

The teaser for The Flash appears to hint that Barry ends up rescuing Supergirl from some kind of incarceration, which explains why she is just half her normal strength when the film first meets her. It wouldn’t be surprising if, towards the end of the film, Supergirl was completely charged after the climactic finale, as it would be strange to present a version of the Girl of Steel who was never fully charged.

Some of the Batman and Supergirl narrative aspects, hopefully, will be addressed in the next teaser for The Flash, whenever Warner Bros. Discovery decides to release it.

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