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In The Marvels, Where Are The Avengers?



The Marvels

The Marvels demonstrating the future path of MCU hero team-ups raises the issue of whether the Avengers are still active in the cosmos. In their feature film debuts, Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau follow Captain Marvel’s lead to investigate a Kree wormhole that is entwining their powers. The three demonstrate that they are a powerful combination in terms of both power and chemistry, reminiscent of some of the finest Avengers team-up moments, and The Marvels conclusion sets up future collaborations.

Kamala’s identity is heavily influenced by Captain Marvel, with Carol serving as inspiration for her own hero image. However, the other Avengers are also adored by the little hero. Ms. Marvel depicted Kamala attending AvengerCon, and her bedroom included posters of superheroes such as Iron Man and Captain America. Though it’s unclear whether the Avengers are still functioning in the MCU, it seems to reason that Ms. Marvel’s ultimate objective as a hero would be to become an Avenger herself.

In the MCU, the Avengers are still active and well-known.

Although several Avengers have gone their own ways since Avengers: Endgame, it appears that they are still active in the MCU. In The Marvels’ narrated opening, Kamala expresses her desire to work alongside Captain Marvel. Carol’s ideal scenario would conclude with Carol inviting Kamala to join the Avengers, formally incorporating Ms. Marvel into the squad. In The Marvels, Kamala speaks of the team in the present tense, implying that the Avengers are still functioning in the MCU.

The Avengers have appeared to be sitting low thus far in the Multiverse Saga, which has called their standing into doubt. However, judging by events like AvengerCon devoted to them, they are definitely still a well-respected squad. Although The Marvels concludes with Kamala trying to recruit for her own young MCU superhero squad, this might simply be a stepping stone for her trip to the main Avengers team and does not imply that the Avengers are no longer present.

Many Avengers are scattered, deceased, or retired.

There are some apparent reasons why the Avengers haven’t been heard from since Endgame, and most of them are beyond their control. Both Iron Man and Black Widow perished in Endgame, while Scarlet Witch was just declared deceased as a result of the events in Doctor Strange 2. Captain America, as played by Steve Rogers, is plainly retired, and Spider-Man has been erased from the universe’s memory. Thor and Hulk have both gone off-world, which is not unusual for them. Hawkeye and Doctor Strange are the only remaining Avengers, but it will take time for a new core Avengers team to develop.

Though the Avengers haven’t been seen since the events of Avengers: Endgame, The Marvels appears to imply that they are still very much active. According to Kamala Khan’s statements on the Avengers and her desire to join them, the Avengers are still active, if not at their height. Given that the majority of the core Avengers have naturally separated, it stands to reason that the hero team will require some time to reorganize. The Avengers may not have played a role in The Marvels, but it has cleared the path for Ms. Marvel to be the superhero group’s future leader.

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