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Hugh Jackman May Have Spoiled Story Point in Deadpool 3



Hugh Jackman, a co-star of the upcoming MCU film Deadpool 3, may have just leaked a significant plot aspect for the new Multiverse Saga sequel in a new interview.

Jackman is presently deep into preparation for his long-awaited comeback as Wolverine, which will come more than half a decade after last portraying the part in 2017’s Logan.

The narrative of Deadpool 3 is unknown, save that Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson will be viewed as a fish out of water, eventually learning about everything the MCU has to offer.

This is especially true for Wolverine, who will face difficulties transitioning from his own X-Men reality chronology into the MCU via the Multiverse, especially when other Variants take their own roles in the tale.

Hugh Jackman Reveals Deadpool 3 Plot?

Hugh Jackman, a newbie to the MCU, may have unintentionally divulged a critical element regarding his role as Wolverine in 2024’s Deadpool 3.

Broadly translated, Jackman stated that he’ll be playing “a dual part” as Wolverine while also confirming that he’ll be filming the picture with Ryan Reynolds this summer:

“Yes, it will even be a dual role. Ryan and I have been friends for twenty years, we have a lot of fun together. We are filming this summer. 

This “dual role” remark has sparked internet speculation that Jackman may be portraying two different versions of Wolverine.

Yet, it’s still unclear if he was instead merely indicating that he’d be playing a dual/co-starring role in Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds.

What is Hugh Jackman’s dual role in Deadpool 3?

The most straightforward reading of these statements is that Jackman is referring to his significant part in Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds. The Marvel veteran is thought to have almost as important a role in this sequel as Reynolds himself, implying that his own tale will be crucial to the larger plot.

But, given that the MCU is completely immersed in Multiversal tales with Variants at every turn, particularly with Kang the Conqueror acting a crucial role in the adventure, all bets are off for Jackman’s exact statement here.

With nine prior films under his belt, Jackman could reprise any of the characters from any point in the timeline, especially since the threequel is said to take place before the events of Logan.

He’s already performed multiple parts in previous X-Men films, most notably in 2017’s Logan, in which he played both the main hero and the X-24 clone who murdered him at the conclusion of the film, which Deadpool 3 could plainly mock.

In an even more meta approach, Jackman might be portraying an MCU version of Hugh Jackman if the plot requires a scene with the longtime MCU veteran. After all, one of the post-credits sequences in Deadpool 2 had Deadpool killing a version of Ryan Reynolds while the actor read the script for his 2011 Green Lantern film.

Only time will tell what Jackman means by his statements about playing two characters, but with him joining a series as crazy as Deadpool, nothing is off the table.

Deadpool 3 is almost ready to start production, and it will hit cinemas on November 8, 2024.

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