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Chris Hemsworth’s reality show might be fatal, according to Marvel



Chris Hemsworth hurt himself while filming Limitless. Marvel feared that the Thor star would die on-screen and even put a stop to the Disney+ series’ development.

Chris Hemsworth’s potential death was a concern for Marvel because of the upcoming reality series, Limitless.

Hemsworth has been pushing the limits of physical training for more than ten years. This training has allowed him to keep up his chiseled superhero physique as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hemsworth is pushed even further to uncover the complete capacity of the human body in his new reality series, Limitless.

In the movie Limitless, directed by Oscar-nominated Darren Aronofsky, Hemsworth does several life-threatening exploits, such as swimming in Arctic seas and walking along a skyscraper crane.

In a recent interview, Hemsworth discusses how his body was put to the test for the movie Limitless, which greatly alarmed Marvel.

Hemsworth hurt his ankle while practicing a difficult stunt that entailed climbing a 100-foot rope. Marvel’s approach was very unusual in response to this. Check out what he said below:

We’ll finish it before I shoot Thor, I said. Anyway, as I was working out, I blew up my ankle, and Marvel intervened, saying, “No. You can watch the episode that might kill him after our movie.”

Chris Hemsworth’s Importance To The MCU

Given Hemsworth’s portrayal of Thor is crucial to the MCU, it makes sense that Marvel would want to take every precaution to keep the actor safe. The only remaining original Avenger in the MCU, Thor is in charge of a successful sub-franchise with four films to date.

The conclusion of Thor: Love and Thunder seemed to set up the God of Thunder played by Hemsworth and his adopted daughter, Love, for additional adventures in Thor 5, with the credits mentioning that Thor will return.

Hercules was introduced as a potential opponent for the hero in the mid-credits sequence.

Marvel hasn’t officially announced Thor’s upcoming MCU cameo as of yet. This has caused web rumors to run wild in their place.

Given that Hemsworth played Thor in all four Avengers movies, it is likely that he will return for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, which are scheduled for release in 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Thor is one of the team’s senior members of the Avengers. Thus he may be in charge of the following time they get together on screen. Marvel has even more reason to shield Hemsworth. Therefore, temporarily halt the filming of his risky documentary series

While Hemsworth’s daring exploits as Thor are familiar to viewers, Limitless will feature the actor taking part in true heroics.

Being in the top physical condition is crucial to playing the immortal superhero in Limitless. Hemsworth ventures outside of the gym to take on a series of challenging physical challenges. These are meant to slow down the aging process by lowering stress, shocking the body, and boosting strength. Disney+ will start streaming Chris Hemsworth’s Limitless on November 16 2022.

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