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Brad Pitt Discusses His Kiss With Margot Robbie



In Babylon, Brad Pitt discusses his kiss with Margot Robbie. Pitt and Robbie feature in Damien Chazelle’s next dazzling epic starring Diego Calva, Samara Weaving, Tobey Maguire, and many more stars in their third picture together.

Babylon, set in 1920s Hollywood, is planned to depict numerous stories of decadence and ambition, with several of the film’s cast hinting at its irreverent and over-the-top tone.

Taking a cue from her impetuous character, Robbie recently said that she improvised a kiss with Pitt’s character in one of the film’s major sequences, which Chazelle left in because it matched her character Nellie, though the director joked that she orchestrated the occasion to kiss her co-star.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the film’s premiere, Pitt dismissed the claim that Robbie sneaked a kiss on him in Babylon under the pretense of artistic license. Furthermore, Pitt added to the numerous teasers about Babylon’s wild nature by noting that Robbie’s kiss with his character doesn’t come near to her stunning behavior in the film and that he admires her portrayal.

Pitt and Robbie previously co-starred in the highly acclaimed films The Big Short and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, so his remarks are high praise for Babylon.

Will Babylon Live Up To Its Expectations?

Pitt’s remark that Babylon might be Robbie’s finest part yet adds to the film’s lengthy line of hints, with Robbie recently comparing the film’s shock value to that of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Chazelle has also stated that Babylon has the potential to be incredibly personal to the co-stars because of the similarities between their characters. Furthermore, Babylon’s teasers and set photographs have promised a stunning and chaotic spectacle brimming with talent and sporting amazing production design.

Chazelle’s last film, La La Land, is an ode to Hollywood that is thematically comparable to Babylon, and the 2016 picture had a great hit and accolades. All of the information about Babylon that has been revealed has produced a lot of talks, so it’s reasonable to question if the film can live up to the hype.

While Babylon has yet to make its theatrical premiere, early reviews show that reviewers are divided on the picture, with some believing that it successfully expresses its message and others believing that it falls short on multiple levels. Detractors agree that the exciting visual experience is overlong and has a hollow center lacking a coherent story, however, even the harshest critics appear to agree that Babylon is a stunning sight to see.

Reviewers have complimented the film’s creativity, spectacle, vitality, and outstanding performances, implying that Pitt’s comments regarding Robbie’s performance may be accurate.

Babylon may face an uphill struggle to win the Academy Prize for Best Picture, but if Robbie’s performance continues to shine, she may secure a victory for the picture by taking home the award for Best Actress.

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