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A US Congressman questions James Gunn about the DCU plan



A sitting US Congressman is grilling James Gunn on the status of the DC Universe. Following the promotion of Peter Safran and James Gunn to co-heads of DC Studios, the destiny of the DCU remains uncertain as the two creators attempt to determine which projects should be maintained and how the universe should move ahead. Despite the fact that the two have been holding the future slate of films close to their chests, even Congress is anxious to hear what the future holds for DC’s live-action superheroes.

The news of the DCU’s new state has been highly anticipated, especially since Gunn has been hinting who the primary characters of his new world would be and how the DCU will be reset. However, the fact that a sitting congressman is grilling Gunn about it highlights how critical it is that the new DC Studios executives do the relaunch right — and offer some information about what is to come.

What Is Going On With The DCU (DC Universe)?                  

After years of disconnected franchises and turmoil inside the multiverse, Gunn and Safran are taking over the DCU. With no clear direction or vision, the DCU has become stagnant, and Gunn and Safran have been enlisted to right the ship by acting as Kevin Feige-esque figures for the DCU. After a disastrous 2022 in which The Flash star Ezra Miller was embroiled in numerous controversies, DC League of Super-Pets and Black Adam both underperformed at the box office, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Amber Heard drew negative press of her own, the state of the universe could not be more shaky.

Unfortunately, Gunn and Safran have had to cut countless threads along the road in order to tidy up a tangled and chaotic cosmos. The new DC Studios rejected Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3 script, forcing the director away from the company completely, and it has also decided to seek in a different route for a Superman actor, leaving Henry Cavill in the dust. Titans and Doom Patrol have also been cancelled, however Gunn emphasises that this was not a DC Studios decision. With so much change, the DCU appears to be in a state of flux by the time Gunn’s first efforts as co-head of DC Studios are released.

However, Gunn has shared some good news concerning the DC Universe. The universe will span several mediums, linking its films, games, and television series. Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Superman will be important characters in the new DC universe, and they will be considerably younger than their Justice League counterparts, though Gunn plans to avoid origin tales. Gunn has also indicated that Elseworlds projects would enter the DCU, implying that a tale does not have to be explicitly related to DC mythology in order to have its own film. While Representative Garcia may be impatiently awaiting word from Gunn, information is steadily trickling in, and Gunn is delighted to deliver it.

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