Nina Williams Is Confirmed For Tekken 8



Nina Williams, the renowned Irish assassin from Tekken, has been revealed to be a member of the Tekken 8 launch lineup, with a new style and the same sardonic attitude.

Nina has been confirmed to appear in a special Tekken 8 demonstration at the Tekken World Tour 2022 Finals. After revealing additional details regarding the game’s new Heat system, a new teaser was released, confirming Nina’s inclusion in the Tekken 8 basic roster.

Nina’s teaser was brief, but it revealed that she’ll play similarly to the rest of the series, with a concentration on high kicks, grapples, holds, and the usage of two guns. Nina is also rocking a new appearance here, eschewing the bridal gown style from Tekken 7 in favour of a sleek purple and black ensemble, complete with a much shorter hairdo.

Nina’s inclusion in Tekken 8 isn’t surprising given that she’s one of the series’ most popular characters and a fighter who’s been in every single Tekken game since the series’ inception. While it’s not shocking to see Nina return, it’s wonderful to know she’ll be in the next game, especially since we’ve only seen a handful of fighters thus far.

Tekken 8’s major new gameplay feature

Heat, was also revealed for the first time at the event. Heat is an unique state that allows the player to perform powerful attacks, do damage past guards, and improve their character’s personality. The “Heat Smash,” a strong punch, and the “Heat Rush,” which allows players to cancel out of a Heat attack and dash ahead, are two of the special moves that may be executed when in the Heat condition.

Although Heat may appear to be merely a powerup mode, it’s evident from the brief description that it’s rather extensive, which makes sense given that it’s Tekken 8’s huge new feature. It’s also evident that it’s been included to make matches more aggressive, something Harada mentioned when the game was initially shown.


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