10 Interesting Facts About Inarius, Lilith’s Husband in Diablo series



Humans first appeared in Blizzard’s Diablo universe thanks to Lilith, Daughter of Hatred, and Inarius, an Archangel of the High Heavens. When the angel and demon duo stole the Worldstone and founded Sanctuary, they had no idea they’d be able to reproduce.

Their fellow angel and demon renegades were terrified of the new progeny, the Nephalem, who could wield power greater than they. In turn, a chain of circumstances would cause the Nephalem to lose their abilities and become humans.

However, as Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 would demonstrate, no amount of time could seal mankind’s innate potential. The Nephalem would return to Sanctuary, but with Lilith making a return in Diablo 4, fans also posed the topic to Inarius. Will Nephalem’s father return? What additional secrets was Inarius keeping?

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Inarius’ Testament Gleams with Insight

The Testament of Inarius provides players with insight into Inarius and Lilith’s scheme to steal the Worldstone. This seven-part tome, obtained in Diablo 3’s Act 5, will also fulfill an accomplishment.

However, in order to gain insight into Inarius’ thinking during his time with Lilith, gamers must finish the seven portions of the journal. The majority of Inarius’ life may be learned by reading his journal.

Inarius will relate how he gradually discovered others disillusioned with the battle but was caught by Lilith. Unfortunately, he would fall in love with Lilith and plan the theft of the Worldstone with her.


Inarius was an Archangel who lacked an aspect.

Despite being an Archangel, he did not have his own Aspect and did not sit with the rest of the Angiris Council. Instead, legend has it that Inarius was initially under the leadership of Archangel Tyrael and served as the Council’s general counselor. Unfortunately, gamers are not given much information about Inarius’ specific roles.

However, fans may be drawn to the idea of an Archangel with distinctive armor but no aspect. This means that more powerful Archangels might exist without ever having their own aspect. Perhaps Inarius will get an aspect in the future.

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Lilith was a one-sided creature.

Fans of the lore know that the Nephalem was the product of Inarius and Lilith performing the unthinkable, giving birth to a kid with the potential to be more than its angel and demon parents.

While Inarius may have sincerely loved Lilith, the Daughter of Hatred may not have felt the same way. When Lilith seized Inarius following a fight in the Eternal Conflict, the two met. Instead of directly opposing Lilith, Inarius expressed his dislike for the Conflict as a whole to her. This revelation surprised Lilith, who disliked the Eternal Conflict as well. Unfortunately, this shared passion did not develop into love. And whatever feelings Inarius had for Lilith, the latter merely used her for her intentions to assemble a Nephalem army to win the Conflict.

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Inarius was able to put an end to the eternal conflict.

In an ironic twist, Inarius and Lilith’s theft of the Worldstone resulted in exactly what they desired: a truce. The Worldstone had transported itself and the pair’s armies into a pocket realm concealed from the High Heavens and Burning Hells as a result of their manipulation. When they discovered the Worldstone was gone, the Eternal Conflict came to a standstill. Unfortunately, they had no clue who took it, how they took it, or where they took it.

Taking advantage of this chance, Inarius surrounded the Worldstone with Mount Arreat and then created Sanctuary around it. The Worldstone’s powers were subsequently diverted into Inarius, who became the strongest entity in Sanctuary.

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Inarius had mixed feelings towards the Nephalem.

When rogue angels and demons learned the Nephalem’s potential, the majority of them agitated for their destruction. However, instead of acting on their advice, Inarius chose to ponder the concept.

After Lilith suggested extermination and murdered Inarius’ supporters, Inarius relented and instead locked the Nephalem’s abilities for good.

Inarius was particularly intrigued by this maneuver. Despite his apparent pride and arrogance, he couldn’t outright slay the Nephalem. However, Inarius is unconcerned about having to murder the Nephalem if necessary.

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Inarius Went Through A Cold War

In Sanctuary, Inarius fought a cold war against the Prime Evils. In truth, it was the Prime Evils who first discovered Sanctuary and the Nephalem’s potential. The Prime Evils created a religion called the Triune in order to sway them in their favor. However, Inarius learned of their plans and founded his own organization, the Cathedral of Light, based on the teachings of the High Heavens.

Inarius appears to have built the Cathedral not out of altruism. Rather, Inarius wished to ensure the Nephalem’s protection by avoiding drawing the armies of the High Heavens. The construction of the Cathedral reflected Inarius’ rising concern of the High Heavens’ wrath if the Nephalem was discovered.

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Inarius Had Worldstone Power

Inarius, being an Archangel, can stand up to most demons and minor generals of the Great Evils. When Lilith succeeded to capture Inarius, it demonstrated that Inarius could face someone directly connected to a Prime Evil. When Lilith and Inarius stole the Worldstone, however, the item substantially improved Inarius’ skills.

Inarius and Lilith were able to construct Sanctuary using the Worldstone. Inarius now has the capacity to summon creatures such as Lilith into the Void. In fact, his talents were so powerful that even the Prime Evils had to assemble the Triune in secret so as not to attract his attention.

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What Did Inarius Prophesy Do?

Despite his powers, the Archangel Inarius did not have his own aspect or virtue to symbolize. People referred to him as the Prophet or the Veiled Prophet. In truth, Inarius appeared to a group of enchantresses as a heavenly yet highly armored knight, which he would gather into the Hand of the Prophet. The initial objective of the sisterhood was to assist the Nephalem at the End of the Days when they were scheduled to awaken from a long hibernation.

In Diablo 3, Inarius’ ambitions were thwarted. On the other hand, the establishment of the sisterhood demonstrated Inarius’ amazing foresight. Was Inarius’ capacity to see into the future innate? Or, more specifically, was Inarius created by the Crystal Arch to see the End of Days?

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In Mephisto’s realm, Inarius was broken.

When the Angiris Council and the Prime Evils agreed to leave Sanctuary to its own devices, Mephisto agreed to take Inarius to his own world as part of the arrangement. Unfortunately, this meant that Inarius would have to endure Mephisto’s agony for all eternity. This, fortunately for the Archangels, will come to an end when Mephisto is defeated by heroes. However, like with the events of Diablo 3, Mephisto’s essence will return to Sanctuary when the Black Soulstone is destroyed.

The fate of Inarius is unknown. Diablo 4 may tell if Inarius took advantage of this opportunity to flee and what happened to him afterward. However, the truth remains that while Inarius tormented him, he became a shattered angel.


Inarius First Described The Overlord

Fans of the first Diablo game recall the Overlord demon from the game’s early stages fondly. Because of their speed, these huge brutes proved to be particularly formidable opponents at the start of the game. Despite their demonic origin, they are credited to Inarius, at least in the Diablo handbook. In fact, the crew appears to have created Inarius solely to explain the Overlord’s origins.

In the original conception, Inarius was an arrogant and proud angel who felt superior to both demonkind and angels. As a result, he built a massive cathedral that drew many devotees.

Unfortunately, when Inarius attacked a Mephisto temple, the Lord of Hatred himself kidnapped and tormented him. His supporters, it seemed, became the Overlord. Given the new knowledge about Inarius, this bit of trivia might be a retcon, removed content, or a misinterpreted element of Sanctuary’s past.


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